Incorporating Vintage Pieces In Your Home

By Amanda Williams

When I moved from Denver to West Texas with my husband I was suddenly so far from all the activities I was used to and from everyone I knew. My top priority became creating a home that I liked being in. My new hobby became antiquing and each time I ventured out I came home with a new treasure. Over the years our home has been curated with one of kind, vintage pieces which eventually inspired me to open my Etsy store. I love the history and stories old things tell, and it feels really cool to find a new home for something that was left behind. 

This pandemic has brought us inside a lot longer than we ever have been, and we have been called to create a space we love being in. How can we create a space that is warm and inviting that we can stand to be in for months at a time while incorporating vintage pieces? My advice: have patience, an open mind and find balance. 

It is important not to buy things simply for the sake of filling a space. I believe you should love everything you surround yourself with. A friend of mine ate each meal on a fold out table for a year until she found her dining table! New vintage is hitting the stores everyday, so the opportunities are endless. 

While it is important to be intentional, having the option to resell vintage offers the freedom to experiment with styles I wouldn’t normally consider. Mixing and matching creates a vibe that is completely original. For example masculine, mid-century modern pieces can be balanced by feminine French pieces. Don’t be afraid to play around with different shapes and proportions, as well as different eras.

Items from Amanda's store

Attaining harmony in a room creates a sense of ease. I like to add in earthy items like wood or wicker in spaces that feel too man-made, stones and crystals for grounding in areas that are too airy, and of course lots of plants to bring back life. If a room feels stale I incorporate texture by layering textiles. Rugs, tapestries, and throw pillows and blankets are great to buy secondhand! Keep it cohesive by choosing items that are neutral or sticking to a few complimentary colors. 

Lighting is key in creating a cozy space that might feel cold and dark. Vintage swag lamps are fun alternatives to table or floor lamps, and brass candleholders are items I rarely leave behind when I’m sourcing for vintage. There are so many gorgeous vintage lighting options out there!

My husband and I are five years in and our home is still evolving, but it has become a place we truly enjoy living in. Allow your home the time to evolve and grow with you. It will require patience, balance, and having an open mind, but once you get started you will love the process, and your home will become a place you’ll rarely want to leave – with or without a pandemic.