Alabaster Globe Table Lighter

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This smooth, golden lighter was made to sit perfectly in your palm. The base is carved from a stone that is naturally soft, you'll never want to let it go. It's a relationship meant for soulmates. It will appeal as a neutral piece that you can enjoy making memories with or that you can look at all day long. This lighter has a slight tilt near where the flame exits, an endearing characteristic that developed over the years.

Traditional lighter fuel is needed for this type of lighter. As you fill, turn the lighter upside down and add generously to the fuel chamber. Wipe down any excess fluid that could be on your lighter. Take a few deep breathes while the fluid seeps into the cotton interior and to your wick. Give your lighter a few clicks as this will wear in your new flint and allow a spark. You are now ready to use your lighter. 


All of the lighters in The Vintage Collection are estimated to have been created in the 1950’s through the 1970’s. With that in mind, each of these lighters have their own personality and have made their journey through time, just like us. 

Every lighter will require tenderness within its new home, we encourage you to be gentle with it. Routine care will be needed when it comes to replacing your wick, flint and ensuring proper use of your lighter.

Each individual lighter has been tested, cleaned, refurbished, and proven to be in working order when sent out to our customers. When you receive your lighter, it will require fuel as we are unable to ship the lighter containing lighter fluid. We cannot guarantee the longevity of each item as in time, additional maintenance may be required to allow your lighter to work over time due to the age of each item.

Read How To Care For Your Vintage Lighter for more information on proper care.