An Intimate Glimpse Into Warmth, Nichole LeBeau’s New Line of Decorative, Sustainable Lighters

By Kourtney Sweeney

Born and raised in the desert just outside of Phoenix, it’s no surprise that Nichole LeBeau notes her hometown as one of the main sources of inspiration behind her brand. Warmth, Nichole’s up-and-coming line of aesthetically-pleasing sustainable lighters, is the manifestation of her truest creative spirit. 

Four years ago, Nichole uprooted her life in Arizona and made the move to Las Vegas, ready to tap into the vision and entrepreneurial energy she’d been harboring for years. She established herself by working at restaurants to get by, but at her core, she is an artist, a creative---and that force isn’t easy to suppress. 

As she reflected on that period of her life, she notes, “I knew long term this wasn’t my passion. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a profession you know isn’t right for you. I ultimately wanted to feel creative and positive which is what led to the birth of Warmth.”

Warmth Lighter

After feeling the pull for far too long, Nichole decided it was time to take the leap and nourish her creative spirit---a spirit she recalls being instilled in her by her grandparents. 

They jumped on the DIY train before it was trendy,” Nichole remembers. She’d leave her grandparents’ home in the morning and returning the same day to find an entire wall torn down. 

“They would build and rebuild rooms, decide to paint and redecorate on a whim. I attribute a large part of my creative spirit to them.”  

Dwyane LeBeau
Susan LeBeau

Nichole’s eyes light up as she travels back in time, remembering how she wandered through thrift and antique store aisles alongside her grandparents, completely in awe of the treasures stacked to the ceiling and her mind running wild with stories as she traced her fingers over things of days long gone. 

After arriving in Las Vegas, Nichole would venture into Boulder City to explore the nearby thrift and antique shops, another habit she credits to her grandparents, and a habit that ultimately inspired her to start her brand.

As an adult in a new city, these aisles full of antiques made her feel like herself again; like she’d finally returned to the roots of who she is. And it was in these antique shops that Nichole discovered a treasure that particularly drew her in---vintage table lighters. 

While beautiful, these vintage table lighters aren’t always practical. They’re difficult to repair, hard to find, and don’t light candles that dwindle too far down. She notes, “So, I wanted to bring the beauty and feel of a traditional table lighter to the present day, something you could leave next to your candle, something pleasing to the eye.”  

Not only was Nichole drawn to the timeless beauty of these lighters, but also to how sustainable and eco-friendly they are. Today, most lighters are plastic and designed to be thrown away. And that problem is, as Nichole says, “At least 90% of seabirds are estimated to have consumed plastic in their lifetime. It’s not just birds either. Of all the world’s fish, two-thirds suffer from plastic ingestion. We need our wildlife.” 

Nichole’s solution? A modern, practical, artistic table lighter designed to be kept and cherished---a lighter that’s not only functional but that adds an aesthetic flair to your home. 

Nichole LeBeau

Between the warmth of her family and the warmth of the desert, warmth is a feeling that Nichole has carried with her throughout her entire life. And now, Nichole aspires to spread that warmth into homes worldwide with Warmth, which is set to be released next year.

When asked what she plans to do with her newfound creative momentum, Nichole says she won’t slow down anytime soon---Warmth Lighters is just the beginning. A self-proclaimed dreamer, Nichole has plans to expand her brand, write, and give back to her community. “This is about so much more than a lighter. I’m at a time in my life where I am feeling the most confidence in something I’ve pursued and I think it is important to share that.”