Our Story

Warmth was born with the intention of bringing comfort into the home space. We started with lighters because warmth is a feeling that we, as humans, seek. We often gather around fire to create a feeling of content. This led to the creation of Warmth. 

We truly believe that every item in your home should be intentional, it should add to your experience of life in your space. Each piece sacred.


Captivated by vintage items and feelings of nostalgia, Arizona native Nichole LeBeau, began creating designs for aesthetically pleasing lighters to express personality, make a home a home. Our designs of refillable, sustainable lighters are meant to act as a statement piece for your space.

While the first original design is underway, we have launched two special vintage collections that are meant to add to the experience of lighting a candle, enjoying a roll of herbal goods with your friends, or indulging in the use of incense.

Make time for you, and enjoy the things you surround yourself with starting with Warmth