How To Care For Your Vintage Lighter

The Vintage Collection was created to bring back to life the items that have greatly inspired the creation of Warmth. Table lighters are a way for you to have a piece of the past with a usable, vintage item that is also a statement within our home and the spaces we spend time in every day. Each lighter in this collection was curated because of their aesthetic appeal and ability to produce a flame.

We recommend you use these lighters for times that make you happiest, when you can feel at ease. Remember and appreciate that there was a time these items were used before you, and appreciate them in the now so you’ll have moments you look back on. With each item in this collection having been produced over 30 years ago, they each have their own special spark. 

It is important to do one thing when you receive your lighter in order to produce a flame and that is to fuel it. Upon receiving your lighter, it is important to establish the type of fuel you’ll require as each item will vary slightly. 

When using a lighter that requires butane, which typically comes in a pressurized can, you will insert the fuel into the fuel chamber by applying pressure to the can. Be sure you are pressing enough to prevent lighter fluid from escaping. The lighter will feel cold to the touch after filling. Wait momentarily before attempting to light.  

To refill a butane table lighter...



For a petrol lighter, you will need lighter fluid that often comes in a can with a small pour spout that allows you to fill the fuel chamber and soak the cotton that sits inside. Pour generously and wait patiently for the fuel to seep into the wick. 

To refill a petrol table lighter...



After filling your lighter with either lighter fluid or butane, be sure to wipe any excess fuel with a gentle cloth from the outside of the lighter before using. This is to ensure safe use of the lighter by removing any excess fuel. 

There is another item to note that you’ll need to replace the more you use your lighter in addition to fuel. Changing the flint is a must to allow for you to produce a flame. It’s what starts the fire. We include a new flint with your lighter when you receive it. Down the road, it will need to be replaced as part of its regular care. 

As you continue to ignite your lighter, the flint gets worn down and creating a spark is no longer an option. In order to change the flint, you’ll need to remove the spring in the lighter. After removing the spring you are able to remove the old flint and replace with the new. Carefully press down on the spring to reinsert it into the lighter and give your lighter a few clicks. It’ll take a moment to begin sparking. Once you wear in the new flint, you are able to continue using your lighter. 

To replace the flint in your lighter...


Your lighter is an item that should be used, appreciated and taken care of. We want to make the experience of using a table lighter a peaceful one. When you are setting aside moments to care for you lighter, take in a deep breath while waiting for the lighter to be ready to use once refueled. Think of the times you'll get to use it and each time thereafter.