The Importance Of Plants

By Esther Oladapo

The home feeling cannot be rivaled, mainly when the elements of calm, nature, and beauty exist. Mostly, a beautiful plant sitting in a vase may be all it takes to lift your mood. The very essence of nature can be found in plants. Beyond the physical lure and soft touch, plants speak to our souls, and that is why you must incorporate them in your space. 

It could be the scent—that captivating scent of the lemon balm, the Angel trumpet, the night-blooming jasmine, or maybe the Peace Lily's elegance as it sits on the center table in the living room. It may be the lovely tropical stare of the Areca; whatever the effects are, the absolute truth is: when plants are introduced to your home or office, your life changes.

Plants are aesthetically pleasing, yes; however, they are much more than just the aesthetics. Plants have been known to give relief from stress, hypertension, depression, and they have a host of other functions that they can perform.

Why Are Plants So Important?


Plants are aesthetically pleasing. Each has its unique aesthetic feel and look. You can go for a white contrast against dark backgrounds with the Easter Lily or the Climbing Iceberg Rose, or you can brighten your kitchen up with the lovely radiance of the Anemone or Surfinia. You can also settle for the quiet-green shades of the Aloe Vera. There are many plants out there to choose from, and as you explore the beauty of each, your heart will connect to colors, feel, and texture that best lifts your mood. With plants, your options are inexhaustible. Plants can be creatively blended with containers to give a fresh and eye-pleasing look. The thrift shop is an excellent supply of rare containers. For example, you can find a vase with intricate paint patterns, or a small and straightforward green pot, or an ancient Egyptian round plate that will fit into the space you want.

Nothing speaks home more than flowers. As they sit, bloom, and brighten your front entrance, visitors and residents in your house will feel more at home. Indoor flowers also have the home-effect, and they can be placed in various corners of your house for a cool and fresh ambiance.

Air Purification

House plants can cleanse the air we breathe from environmental chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde. They can also act as environmental moisturizers by releasing moisture vapor that clears our respiratory tract and protect us from breathing problems, sore throats, and dry coughs. The best air purifying plants include Barberton Daisy, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Broad Lady Palm, and Dragon Tree. 

Stress relievers

Have you been feeling stressed and tense recently? It may be time to light up your home and office with flowers. Research shows that having a potted plant on your work desk will lower your stress levels and fatigue. Plants are scientifically proven to help with heart rate and lowering of one's blood pressure. Natural and artificial plants can lift our moods by increasing positivity and happiness in our minds.

Great Hobby

Breeding flowers and plants can become a hobby to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones. While it is satisfying to enjoy the radiant bloom of a flower you bought, it is even more fulfilling to watch a flower bed that is grown and tended by your hands. Planting is also excellent for the elderly, as it is subtle and a form of exercise that prevents a sedentary lifestyle.

You Sleep Better With Plants

The beauty and functionality of plants are endless. Plants like Jasmine, Gardenia, and Aloe Vera improve your sleep quality if they are in your bedroom. Plants are natural soothers. When you have one around you, you subconsciously feel safe, warm, and peaceful; hence, your body and mind will relax faster, easing you into a sound slumber when they are in your bedroom. 

Plants Fight Cold

Other than their capacity to fight free radicals from environmental pollution like smoke, plants also humidify the air, decrease dust, and fight viruses that cause flu, cold. Plants like the Eucalyptus can decongest our system, leaving you healthier.

General Well Being

Plants refresh, heal, makes one happy, and contributes to one's general well-being. According to scientific America, when a potted plant is put directly opposite a patient's bed, the patient's mood is lifted continuously. He/she will have the positivity needed to boost the immune and fight diseases. While most people do not know this, your state of mind is essential in your body healing process. This is why patients with life-threatening diseases are encouraged to spend some time in the garden, sniffing, feeling, and absorbing many plants' surreal effects. 

According to Healthline, many plants are known to directly impact people's health, often curing psychological, mental, and physical ailments. Gingko can treat mild to moderate dementia, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, depression, and improve bone and eye health; oil can be extracted from the Evening Primrose to treat mild skin conditions and multiple sclerosis; other plants like Aloe Vera, lavender, and chamomile, can all help alleviate one ailment or the other.

While plant extracts are sufficiently medicinal, you must speak with a medical professional before using them because, just like supplements and drugs, an overdose may have side effects.

Plants are decorative, medicinal, and multi-purpose elements that should always be in a home. Are you looking to purchase your first plant? The best way to choose a plant will be to explore your imagination. Feel, smell, and touch each plant, and you will find some that will resonate more with your mind.

The world cannot be beautiful without plants.